Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland at night

Map of Cleveland for this chronicle

Cleveland? Mobbed-up, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Drew Carey, all that bullshit?

Yeah, Cleveland. Seventh most dangerous city in the world. 27% of families below the poverty line. A shitty economy with just enough turnover to make things interesting. The perfect place for vampires.

Not as corrupt as Chicago, not as industrial as Detroit, Cleveland in the World of Darkness is a city trying desperately to reinvent itself. Dying industry, terrible schools, and a dwindling population don’t make Cleveland the cultural hotspot that the city wants to be. But “the Comeback City” has been fighting tooth and nail for twenty years to become something better, and much of the progress it has made from the bad old days has been due to the current Toreador Prince, Vivian Schreck (who took over from Jonathan Francis in the late 1980s).

And then, there was the War for Cleveland, when the Sabbat tried to kill the Camarilla Kindred.


Mortal Population (greater metro area): 2,250,871. By comparison, the Atlanta metro area is over 5 mil, and the Los Angeles metro area is over 15 mil.

Kindred Population: Around 40

Mood: Gritty, Transitional

Theme: The Thin Line Between Hope and Delusion

Describe Your City’s “Look”: Run-down industrial trying to invent itself as hip and trendy. Crumbling brownstone mixed with brushed steel and glass.

Camarilla Court

Prince: Vivian Schreck

Seneschal: Joey Naples

Primogen: Joey Naples (Brujah, as part of his duty as Seneschal), Chernekov (Gangrel), Paul-Henri Gerard (Malkavian), Arthur (Toreador), Constance Figueroa (Tremere), Lady Julianne Davis (Ventrue). No Nosferatu Primogen.

Sheriff: Spider Morales

Scourge: Neal

Harpy: Shannon Morgan

Keeper of Elysium: Ivan Leonard

Influential Clans: Toreador, Brujah.

Anarch Presence: Suspected, but unknown.

Sabbat Presence: Possible survivors from the war, but otherwise none.

Neutrals: Michael Giovanni (Giovanni)

Kindred Locations

Elysiums: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Cleveland Art Museum, the libraries at CSU

Court: The Cleveland Art Museum

The Rack: Rapture

Other Places of Note: The Warehouse, The Thrash, Waterfall


Mayor: Frank G. Jackson (Controlled by: XX)

Police Chief: XX (Controlled by: Joey Naples)

Precinct Captains: XX (Controlled by: XX)

Prominent Uniformed Cops: Reggie (Controlled by: Neal)

Prominent Detectives: Michael Coffer (Controlled by: Neal)

Internal Affairs Detectives: XX (Controlled by: XX)


Newspapers: The Plain Dealer (Controlled by: XX), Cleveland Scene (Controlled by: XX), (Controlled by: XX)

TV Stations: WEWS-TV (ABC), WJW (Fox), WKYC (NBC), WOIO (CBS), WVIZ (PBS), WBNX-TV (The CW), WUAB (MNTV), WVPX-TV (ION), WQHS-DT (Univision), and WDLI-TV (TBN) (Controlled by: XX)

Radio Stations: WQAL (adult contemporary), WMJI (classic hits), WGAR-FM (country), WZAK (hip-hop/R&B), WAKS (pop), WMMS (rock – world-recognized in 70s and 80s), WNCX (rock), WHLK (variety hits), WCPN (public radio/NPR), WCLV (classical), WKRK-FM (sports), WKNR (ESPN Radio) WJW (AM – historically significant), WHK (news/talk) (Controlled by: XX)

Other Supernaturals

Lupines: XX

Magi: XX

Ghosts: XX

Others: XX

Cleveland, Ohio

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