Michael Giovanni

Entrenched Necromantic Mobster


Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Capitalist

Clan: Giovanni

Generation: 10th

Physical Attributes: Strength XX, Dexterity XX, Stamina XX

Social Attributes: Charisma XX, Manipulation XX, Appearance XX

Mental Attributes: Perception XX, Intelligence XX, Wits XX

Talents: XXX

Skills: XXX

Knowledges: XXX

Disciplines: Necromancy (Ash Path) 5, Necromancy (Bone Path) 3, Dominate 2

Backgrounds: XXX

Virtues: Conscience XX, Self-Control XX, Courage XX

Humanity: XX

Willpower: XX


Michael Giovanni was forced into serving the Sabbat during the war, using his necromantic power to bolster the Sabbat’s ranks with zombies. The Prince discovered the betrayal and publically declared Michael in violation of the Promise of 1528, forcing him into several Boons held by the Prince. He is now trying to pay them off without upsetting his Family in the process.

Michael Giovanni

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