Conflicted Straight-Edge Punk


Nature: Masochist

Demeanor: Fanatic

Clan: Brujah

Generation: 13th

Physical Attributes: Strength 2 [4 w/ Potence dice], Dexterity 3 [7 w/ Celerity dice], Stamina (Tough as Nails) 5

Social Attributes: Charisma (Passionate Firebrand) 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2

Mental Attributes: Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl (Dirty Fighting) 4, Expression 2, Intimidation 3, Leadership 1, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 1

Skills: Crafts 1, Drive 3, Firearms 3, Larceny 1, Melee 2, Stealth 2

Knowledges: Computer (Hacking) 5, Investigation 2, Politics 2, Technology 1

Disciplines: Celerity 4, Presence 1, Potence 3, Fortitude 2

Backgrounds: Fame (local radical_) 1, Herd (_sympathetic club kids) 2, Resources 2, Status 1

Virtues: Conscience 2, Self-Control 3, Courage 5

Merits: Iron Will

Flaws: Guilt-Wracked

Humanity: 6

Willpower: 8

Temporary Willpower: 5

Temporary Blood: 1

Experience Unspent: 14


MaxXx grew up as Samantha Maxcy outside Cleveland, Ohio. Her teen years saw her involvement in the militant vegan/straight edge scene that had it’s roots in Washington, DC. By the late 2000s, most of the political punks had gone the way of the dinosaur, leaving MaxXx railing against society’s ills without much of a peer group to help tone her down. Most other socialization was online in forums or in the pit at hardcore shows, of which she was a nearly nightly fixture. This “fight first, fight the good fight” mentality spilled over into altercations with drug dealers in her school. Her family thought she was involved in a “dangerous gang” and sent her away to various rehabilitation/boot camps around the country. When MaxXx came back with nothing more than a good tan and a better ability to kick ass, they tried to get her on “medication”. This resulted in an unholy row, broken windows, and one sullen teenage girl taking off in her van for a “better life” on the streets.

She spent a year or so as a homeless gutter punk, panhandling and sneaking into shows, before the Embrace. A street punk hungrier for something more than food (Gaz Shit) Frenzied on her group of squatters, coming to his senses as he was draining MaxXx. He Embraced her instead and spent the rest of their time together attempting to teach her about being a Kindred around lectures about immortal addictions being no more complicated than mortal ones. He eventually gave up and left her to it.

She has since reintegrated into the show scene at her local clubs, working with long-time friends DJ Gray and his vampire friend Jay (and others) to form a Domain of their own. She is well-known in the local scene for being militantly straight-edge/vegan (“she doesn’t even eat!”) and a supporter of those who follow that lifestyle. She has converted a number of club kids to her way of thinking (her Herd) and is always trying to convert more. Recently, she has been trying to channel her success (if you can call it that) into keeping mortals off drugs into a national “Blood-free” movement of sXe vampires. She’s even talked about printing up shirts…

Jay and DJ Gray have encouraged her to “blow off some steam” (after she nearly Frenzied on some underage kids drinking in the club) and she’s taken that to heart. She’s been getting to know members of her clan and finding out that, while they may not agree on much, they do love speed. They have taken to racing each other in the streets at night.

MaxXx has also started attending a local “Fight Club” with some prickly Gangrel she managed to befriend. She might be faster but, man, can they take a hit! They are helping each other grow physical Disciplines by sheer violence. It’s very useful… but it’s also riding right up on the edge of the Masquerade. And since the Gangrel like to practice far from town, it might not be the Kindred that find them…

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