Joey Naples

Wounded Seneschal


Nature: Soldier

Demeanor: Fanatic

Clan: Brujah

Generation: 9th

Physical Attributes: Strength XX, Dexterity XX, Stamina XX

Social Attributes: Charisma XX, Manipulation XX, Appearance XX

Mental Attributes: Perception XX, Intelligence XX, Wits XX

Talents: XXX

Skills: XXX

Knowledges: XXX

Disciplines: XXX

Backgrounds: XXX

Virtues: Conscience XX, Self-Control XX, Courage XX

Humanity: XX

Willpower: XX


Partially out of loyalty to the Camarilla, and partially to build up his heavily-damaged political clout, Johnathan Francis (Prince Emeritus and Brujah Primogen) offered to lead the front line of troops against the Sabbat. He was killed by a pack of Sabbat while protecting the Prince, ending up as one of the few Camarilla casualties of the war (along with Scourge Emeritus Simone and her ghoul Rosario).

MaxXx was nominated to act as Brujah Primogen, but she punched three of the Brujah who nominated her. As such, Takashi agreed to act as Acting Primogen when Joey Naples couldn’t fill the role as Seneschal.

Joey was severely hurt during one Sabbat attack. He has lost an eye and has severe damage to half of his face as a result.

Joey Naples

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