Better Off Dying

Someday You're Gonna Fall

Episode 110

This time you’re really dead
Once followed, but always led
You thought you’d rise above it all
It’s all inside your head
All ripping it up in shreds
I know someday you’re gonna fall
- Offspring, “Rise and Fall”

Lady Davis asks Andy Andy to try and stop the Praxis seizure, but subtly.
Mentions the St. Francis of Assissi fire, and Ventrue’s involvement with it. It’s being used as blackmail against Lady Davis.
Jay touches Gaz’s ashes, and goes comatose.
The coterie talk over tactics before they go to court. At one point, Neal suggests staking MaxXx or Andy Andy in order to lure Lupin into a trap.
They try to call Simone, but the number is disconnected or no longer in service.
Rosario also hasn’t seen her in a couple of days, but will call if he hears anything.
MaxXx calls Joey. He will try to get an audience with the Prince.
She meets them in a sports car in the parking lot of the Cleveland Institute of Music.
They agree to work for the Prince, and she agrees to sanction their actions.
She reveals that she has Simone in her custody, because she led the hunters to the city.
Henry Thurston calls Lupin and tells him that he will deliver Andy Andy to St. Francis of Assassi ruins. After a moment, they agree.
They stage a staking in front of the church. Lupin tries to stake Andy Andy, but they turn on him and stake him instead.
One of the Nosferatu (dressed as a Venetian doctor) tries to speak to Andy Andy, but he makes him forget and believe that Lupin has already left.
Neal diablerizes Lupin.
Lupin is out. Jonathan is out. Joey is Seneschal.
[Everyone in the coterie has a point of Status.]


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