Better Off Dying

Nearly A Disaster

Episode 206

  • Court in two nights.
  • Go to Shooters (a local sports bar/pool hall) to meet Reggie.
  • Reggie’s nervous. Afraid for his life. Nobody else seems interested in their conversation, however. He asks to talk outside (after Neal Quells him).
  • Reggie tries to say he was paid to look the other way by people that said they were Coffer’s “church group.”
  • Reggie is really working with the Society of Leopold. Only 3-4 that he knows of. Reggie pees himself a little at how intimidating Neal is.
  • Neal tells him to call the Society of Leopold and tell them that he’s out. Set up a meeting in Lincoln Park in two hours from now, but Reggie can skip town now. Coterie agrees to help.
  • Seanan gets a message from Primogen: Finger from salt statue broken off in museum break-in a week ago.
  • Stake out the park. A few close calls, but they ultimately arrange the contact with “Reggie” (really Jay in disguise). Two men: one with ball cap, one bald (with True Faith).
  • “Reggie” gives them a package of people asking about Coffer. Written to implicate Fadil and the Setites.
  • “Georgy” (George Stantos) with ballcap. One of the hunters with Dane.
  • Michael — bald, simple, but has some faith.
  • Georgy shows “Reggie” the finger of the statue, claiming that it gave them visions.
  • The hunters leave.
  • Neal summons pigeons, but they try to eat Neal.
  • Despite the pigeons, Neal follows them to a house just north of St. Francis Convent.


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